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Veterans In Focus

Veterans In Focus

Whilst working with some Veterans recently a VIA Team Member listened to the Veterans talking passionately about photography and how it had helped them and had given them focus using a skill in a very positive way.

This then led to a period of research into how photography could be used as a tool to help those who suffer the effects of war using two different methods, ‘photo therapy’ and ‘therapeutical photography’.

It was decided that like ‘art therapy’, ‘photo therapy’ should be left to the experts and that VIA could put a programme together using ‘therapeutical photography’.

The method that VIA will be using is like everything else that VIA does by forming a small team to take part on the initial project which would be based on mutual support with each Veteran helping those taking part.

The aim of Veterans In Focus is to get Veterans involved in a subject they already have an interest in. Veterans can join at all different skill levels as instruction will be given by professional photographers who will run workshops to improve skill levels.

The team will work closely together to support each other throughout the project with regular meetings and course critiques with the sole aim of helping each other take better pictures.

VIA will run specific photography events where they will be able to take pictures in many different locations throughout the UK. They will also be able to take part on the Union Flag Walks to produce a photographic record of each event.

VIA will be looking for partner organisations that will help with the project or run specific projects using the many different styles of photography. The culmination of the project will be to hold an exhibition of Veteran's photos.

The aim of the project is to work towards a high skill level of photography that can be used to form the basis of a career and VIA will again look for partner organisations such as

The Royal British Legion ‘Be the Boss’ Scheme

or Heropreneurs

These organisations can help with the setup of a new business or help an existing business. For some individuals the project may become nothing more than to re-establish a long lost hobby or be involved in a new one.

The project is about maximum involvement and ‘Veterans helping Veterans’ as with everything that VIA puts together.

To make this project work to it's full potential, VIA will need sponsorship from companies involved with photography, camera and equipment manufacturing, professional photography and those who may run an event that would require a photographer.

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